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Former US president retires to Hospice

In lieu of further medical treatment, the Carter Center reports that former US President Jimmy Carter would receive hospice care and “spend his remaining days at home with his family.”

The oldest living former president in the nation is Mr. Carter, 98.

The Democrat held office from 1977 to 1981 for one term. Ronald Reagan won his reelection campaign against him.

Recent health problems for him included a melanoma that migrated to his liver and brain.

“His family and medical staff have their full support. The Carter family requests discretion during this difficult time and is touched by the concern displayed by his devoted fans “On Saturday, the Carter Center released a statement.

Former Georgia state senator and Mr. Carter’s grandson Jason Carter tweeted that he had seen “both of my grandparents yesterday.”

“As usual, their home is filled with love and they are at peace. I appreciate the good sentiments from everyone “he stated.

Mr. Carter and his wife Roslyn will commemorate their 75th wedding anniversary in 2021. Together, they have four kids.

Carter, Jimmy a resurrected statesman

Georgia native Mr. Carter, who was elected to serve as a state legislator in the 1960s before being appointed governor of the state in 1971, was born in 1924.

He won the election to become the 39th president five years later, defeating Republican President Gerald Ford.

Yet, Mr. Carter’s challenges as president swiftly multiplied.

He struggled to convince Americans to accept the necessary austerity measures because of severe unemployment and inflation at home as a result of the oil crisis.

The Camp David Accords, by which Egypt legally recognized the establishment of Israel, were signed in 1978, marking the Carter era’s pinnacle. He also authorized the transfer of the Panama Canal to Panama.

Nonetheless, 66 Americans were held hostage in Tehran after the last Iranian Shah was ousted in 1979. Mr. Carter responded by severing diplomatic ties with Iran and imposing a trade embargo.

Yet, as the US hostages were kept prisoner for 444 days, the people did not think he was being harsh enough, and his popularity plummeted. After a failed attempt to free the hostages resulted in the deaths of eight US military personnel, his approval ratings further suffered.

Iran therefore decided to hold off on freeing the captives until after Ronald Reagan took office. Mr. Carter has continued his humanitarian activities with his Carter Center ever since leaving the White House.

In 1994, he served as the head of a group that aimed to persuade Haiti’s military leaders to cede control. In Bosnia, he helped arrange a cease-fire that helped prepare the way for a future peace agreement.

As a result of his efforts to advance human rights, he went on to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 and develop an international reputation.

Along with Nelson Mandela, he established The Elders, an organization of world leaders dedicated to advancing human rights and promoting peace.

Together with his vast travels, he participated in annual visits to help build houses with the organization Habitat for Humanity far into his early 90s.

The former president, though, has also struggled with a number of health concerns recently. Mr. Carter underwent liver surgery in August 2015 to remove a tiny malignant tumor.

He said the next year that he didn’t require any additional treatment because an experimental medicine had completely wiped out all evidence of malignancy.

He has, nevertheless, frequently demonstrated a startling composure in the face of his health issues.

He declared in 2015, “I’m completely at comfortable with whatever comes. I’ve lived a fulfilling, fascinating, and adventurous life.

In October, Mr. Carter celebrated his most recent birthday in Plains, Georgia, the little town where he and his wife had been raised after he left office. They had been there since their births there between the First World War and the Great Depression.

Other prominent US politicians expressed their condolences to Mr. Carter’s family as soon as the news came on Saturday night, including Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

God is undoubtedly walking with him throughout this delicate period of transition, tweeted Senator Warnock. May that serenity comfort him, Rosalynn, and the entire Carter family, who are in our thoughts and prayers.

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