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Triads warning from Chuwit

Chuwit stated on Facebook that Yu Xinqi founded the Shaanxi Association of Thailand as a cover for triad activity and used it to develop connections with members of the Thai establishment, including monks.

A national investigation into Chinese criminal gangs operating in Thailand with assistance from officials, including customs and police officers, has been launched as a result of charges made by the soapy massage tycoon turned anti-corruption activist.

As Rangsiman criticizes “government complicity,” Chuwit reveals another bombshell from the triad.

Chuwit claimed that the Shaanxi Association of Thailand served as a trafficking organization by attracting Chinese immigrants to the country. He also said that Yu Xinqi, its originator, had fled after being exposed.

Chuwit further asserted that before beginning their operations in Thailand, Chinese criminals built relationships with Thai military and police personnel.

During Wednesday’s parliamentary discussion on triads, the ex-politician who broke the law hailed Move Forward Party MP Rangsiman Rome for “defending the monarchy” and urged him to keep up the fight for the people.

Chuwit was also commended by Rangsiman for providing him with information for the two-day debate on the government.

As Rangsiman criticizes “government complicity,” Chuwit reveals another bombshell from the triad.

Rangsiman charged that the government had been dragging its feet in dismantling the purported Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanant-led Chinese triad operations.

Additionally, he said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha had not followed up on the case.

He said, “I implore the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau and the chief of the national police to expedite the case.

Rangsiman speculated that the delay may have resulted from Chaiyanat’s company renting at least 33 tour buses from Prayut’s nephew’s construction company.

He believed that Chinese people suspected of engaging in illicit activity in Thailand were being transported by the buses.

Additionally, he asserted that a number of politicians, including former Palang Pracharath Party MP Thammanat Prompao and Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Anucha Nakasai, have ties to Chinese triads.

Zhang Jian Fu, the head of a contact center gang, and She Zhi Jiang, the trafficking boss, are two Chinese triads who have boasted of having connections with Thai politicians, he continued.

As Rangsiman criticizes “government complicity,” Chuwit reveals another bombshell from the triad.

According to him, the Immigration Bureau has received requests for student visas from more over 7,000 Chinese citizens.

According to the deputy national police commander, there are now 110 immigration police officials suspected of assisting Chinese gangsters to remain in Thailand illegally, up from 80.

Chinese triads, according to Rangsiman, have stolen significant portions of Yaowarat Road in Chinatown from locals.

The outcome of the approaching general election will determine whether or not the triad crisis continues, he continued.

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