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Vehicle reverses off parking lot in Bangkok

The prevalence of backing into parking places in Thai car parks may confound some expats. Although pulling in forward is quicker, Thai society seems to value taking their time backing into parking places so they can make a swift getaway when they leave. The risks of backing into a parking place, however, are real, as a truck driver in Bangkok discovered yesterday.

A pickup truck’s driver was hurt in a Bangkok incident after his vehicle dropped from a parking structure on Rama 4 Road. The investigation inspector of the Thung Maha Mek Police Station reported that a pickup truck with a Bangkok registration fell from the parking structure’s second story.

Yet, the fall wasn’t that big. The truck fell just 2 meters after slamming through a railing and backing off the ledge of the second-level parking area.

The pickup truck’s driver acknowledged that at the time of the incident, he was taking items from the automobile. He claimed that he “missed the accelerator pedal” accidently, but it is more likely that he slipped and hit the gas pedal. As a result, the car reversing and striking the railing led it to tumble from the second level to the first floor.

Rescuers responded swiftly and transported the injured man to Theptarin Hospital. His injuries’ full extent has not yet been determined.

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