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Vietnamese fishing boat burns, sinks after being caught

A Vietnamese fishing boat went up in flames and sank after it was caught trawling in Thai waters and its five crewmen arrested in the Gulf of Thailand off Songkhlah province on Sunday.

HTMS Si Racha of the 2nd Naval Area, under Lt Cdr Phumtham Junjuajan, was patrolling the Narathiwat-Koh Losin-Songkhla area when it spotted two boats fishing in Thai waters about 8am.

On seeing the patrol boat the two fishing boats split up and fled in different directions. HTMS Si Racha chased and caught one of them. It was a Vietnamese boat with five crewmen and had been fishing illegally.

The five crew members were moved to the patrol boat. Three navy sailors were left on board it while the patrol boat went after the other fishing boat.

Shortly afterwards, the boarding crew reported to HTMS Si Racha that smoke was billowing from the fishing boat’s engine compartment, followed by flames.

The patrol boat returned and rescued the three sailors, and then stayed in the area until the burning boat sank about 11.40am.

Credit Bangkok Post

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