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Visit to Oman by AX Media Thailand

Oman Bangkok one Jan 15 2024

Oman is a country located in the middle east with its capital Muscat that has a popualtion of 4,644,384 people. Its a Sultanate state as well. Oman is known for its Oil and Gas refinerys same as the other countries in the Gulf region. 

Muscat it self has some very inetresting toursim attractions such as the Sultan Qaboos grand mosque which has visitors worldwide coming to visit. They usually allow the vistors to come between 8am to 11am which is in between prayer times to come see this grand mosque. 

Also another tourist attraction to go is the Mutrah souk and also most importantly for an amazing view is the Mutrah Fort. Before the discovery of Oil in Oman, Mutrah was the center for commerce. Was originally the main ports in Oman. The Mutrah Fort it self was built by the Portuguese during their occupiation in the 1580’s. 

Another location visited was the Al Alaam palace which is the residences of the Sultan that has a history of 200 years. This palace is used for official visits and fucntions. 

To visit Oman the best times are between November until April as the weather is cooler in those months and of course the middle east it self is known for extreme heat from May until October. The currency it self is the Omani Rial which has a strong value. Due to its Oil and also its the 3rd strongest currency behind Bahrain and Kuwait. The exchange rate with the Thai Baht is 1 Omani Rial for 90.86 Baht as of Jan 15 2024. With the US dollar at 2.60. 

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