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When It Comes to Addiction, Failure Is a Good Sign

We dedicate ourselves to busting myths that obscure truths surrounding the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.

Truths that, if honoured, will liberate a family from the torture and hopelessness that come with this deadly disorder.

Here is one myth that needs to be shattered: relapse is an unqualified terrible thing and is clearly a sign of failure.

Not so fast.

The truth is: it’s almost unheard of for an addict to get clean and sober and stay that way from the first try.

Relapse means the addict is at least trying.

Here’s our advice:

Don’t quit trying to quit. Just have the addict come in from the storm as
soon as possible. Do not let too much time go by.

If you are a mum of an addict son, do not blame yourself in any way. You
did not cause the addiction; you cannot really control it and you sure as hell
cannot cure it. Surrender to this truth with all your heart. It’s the only way
for you.

The addict does not see their addiction as the problem. They see their mum
as the problem, while drugs and alcohol are the solution – mum only gets in
the way. That’s why she is the problem. Crazy but true.

The idea that the addict will only accept help when they hit rock bottom is a
terrible idea. It has you standing by, watching helplessly while the addiction
relentlessly burns everything you hold dear, without mercy. The real
question is: “What will it take to get the addict ready”?

It’s not about the addict seeing the light, it’s about the addict feeling the
heat. Sometimes, they will choose the right way if they feel they have no
easy options left. That’s what an intervention is for.

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