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After Tanks Ukraine wants Jets

After seeing tanks, Ukraine says it wants fighter jets.

Despite increased calls for high-end aircraft, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claims there is no likelihood of sending any fighter jets to Ukraine.

After obtaining dozens of top-of-the-line combat tanks from NATO partners, Ukraine says it will now strive for Western fourth-generation fighter fighters like the American F-16.

As the United States and Germany revealed plans to send heavy tanks to Kyiv on Wednesday, the military of Ukraine received a tremendous boost.

The next significant obstacle will be the fighter jets, according to Yuriy Sak, an advisor to Oleksiy Reznikov, the defense minister.

“If we acquire them, the benefits on the battlefield will be enormous. This is what we want—fourth-generation aircraft, not only F-16s.

Ageing Soviet-era fighter jets that left the factory before Kyiv even proclaimed independence more than 31 years ago make up the bulk of the air force of Ukraine. The aircraft are employed in intercept operations and strikes against Russian targets.

Throughout the campaign, Western military assistance has been crucial for Kiev and has rapidly changed. Even the notion of sending lethal help to Ukraine was highly contentious prior to the Russian invasion, but since Western supplies, taboo after taboo has been broken.

“They initially refused to provide us heavy artillery, but they eventually did. They initially refused to give us HIMARS systems but eventually agreed. Tanks are now being provided to us after they initially refused to do so. Nothing is left that we won’t have, except from nuclear weapons, Sak stated.

I doubt it

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, declared that combat jets will not be dispatched to Ukraine.

He said in the Bundestag, “I made it very plain very early on that we are not talking about combat aircraft, and I am doing the same here.

We won’t send ground troops in any situation, Scholz continued. I previously stated that there will be no direct NATO military engagement in the conflict in Ukraine. That hasn’t been the case thus far, and it won’t be the case going forward. Additionally, anybody may rely on that.

The West should provide Ukraine with long-range weapons, according to the country, which was invaded by Russia in February.

Following Germany’s approval of the transfer to Ukraine of Leopard 2 tanks, the workhorse of militaries throughout Europe, a move expected to strengthen Ukraine’s offensive potential, Moscow responded angrily on Wednesday.

‘Averting the escalation of war’

Despite stressing the risk of escalating the conflict, Scholz indicated that Western friends would continue to help Ukraine.

According to Scholz, “we must constantly be clear in everything we do that we are doing what is essential and practical to support Ukraine, but that at the same time, we are preventing the fight from growing into a war between Russia and NATO.”

According to Justin Bronk, a researcher at the RUSI think tank in London, NATO fighter jets would be extremely beneficial for Ukraine’s air force in terms of air-to-air and maybe air-to-ground lethality.

They would have to fly extremely low close to the front line, which “would substantially restrict effective missile range and limit strike options,” he claimed on Twitter, putting them at high risk from Russian surface-to-air missiles.

In anticipation of Kyiv receiving foreign aircraft, such the F-16, at some point, a Ukrainian pilot going by the nickname Juice told the Reuters news agency last month that many of his peers were studying English in their spare time.

Assault helicopters are also required.

Allies this week pledged to provide military assistance worth billions of dollars, including hundreds of troop transports and armored battle vehicles. When combined with tanks, those are considered to be more potent for striking opposing lines.

In a battle that recently devolved into a violent, impasse-filled struggle, Ukraine sees the weaponry as giving it new life.

According to Petro Poroshenko, a former president of Ukraine, fighter planes are the next big weapon system the West will need to supply.

Long-range missiles and attack helicopters are also necessary for us to reach Russian command centers and logistical sites. Before Russia launches its massive spring onslaught, we should have these, according to Poroshenko.

“The jet fighter is the true game-changer right now. We must start pilot training programs right away and get ready to send pilots to Ukraine.

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