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Air Ambulance to take to the skies

Air Ambulance bangkok one March 20 2024

Dr. Kornprom Saengaram, the medical director of Saint Louis Hospital, has initiated an air ambulance service to capitalize on Thailand’s aspirations of becoming a leading medical hub in the region.

“Thailand holds promise for an air ambulance service due to regional demand, especially considering the limited providers of such services in Indochina,” stated Dr. Kornprom, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, in an interview with the Bangkok Post.

Having previously worked as a pilot for Thai Airways International (THAI), Dr. Kornprom shared that investors have decided to establish the air ambulance airline, AirAMB. The airline is currently in the process of seeking approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand to commence its services, which are expected to begin operations within this year.

The venture is projected to require a total investment exceeding 200 million baht and aims to expand its services by offering a charter flight service, added Dr. Kornprom.

Dr. Kornprom foresees a demand for air ambulance services from patients in countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, with plans to conduct 2-3 flights into Thailand daily. These flights would cater to emergencies or critical cases that necessitate immediate medical attention offered in Thailand, known for its affordable and high-quality healthcare services.

Dr. Kornprom emphasized that their airline would have medical professionals accompanying patients requiring urgent treatment during transit. He acknowledged that while his childhood dream was to become a pilot, he initially pursued a career in medicine. Subsequently, he blended his medical expertise with his pilot training, having honed skills essential for both professions.

Drawing parallels between flying and surgery, Dr. Kornprom highlighted the significance of advanced planning, quick decision-making, and proficiency in managing intricate problems, traits crucial for both pilots and surgeons. Over the years, he has been actively involved in training courses focusing on non-technical skills essential for dealing with unforeseen emergency situations.

Commenting on the role of technology in healthcare, Dr. Kornprom highlighted the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in pre-diagnosis procedures and result verification to enhance productivity. He underlined the importance of AI as a supportive tool for doctors, particularly emphasizing its role in diagnosis compared to treatment.

Dr. Kornprom expressed optimism about Thailand’s potential to cultivate an ecosystem of AI medical startups, leveraging the country’s robust medical sector rich in data and practical applications for AI technology.

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