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Amazing Balloon Fest to take place in Nahon Phanom

The “Amazing Balloon Nakhon Phanom Fest 2024”, held from March 29 to 31, will showcase spectacular giant balloonsinternational kites and a vibrant walking street featuring local artisans and items unique to the province.

In addition, visitors can also look forward to free nightly concerts featuring renowned artists. The concert schedule is:

• March 29: Copy Show, Add and Sek

• March 30: T-Rex

• March 31: Up Size Down (AEC Pub)

Meanwhile, the provincial tourism authority and Nakhon Phanom Municipality have joined together to launch special Songkran celebrations from April 13 to 15. Held along the bank of the Mekhong River on Khao Pun Road, the event promises a variety of activities, including merit-making ceremonies, traditional water-splashing rituals, flower parades from three provinces and an array of artisanal products.

A major highlight of the event is the 100-metre-long water tunnel and distribution of khao pun, or sticky rice. On April 14-15, visitors can enjoy breakdancing performances put up by the Vietnam Town Street dance group.

Breakdancing or “b boy dancing” was recently recognised as a sport and included in the Asian Games. Additionally, there will be concerts featuring popular artists, namely:

April 13: Neck Naruephon

April 14: Man R Panuwat

April 15: Boy Phanomprai

Credit: http://nationthailand.com

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