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Come visit the legendary Hiyaku Marche on Thonglor

Hiyaku Bangkok one march 25 2024

The legendary establishment Hiyaku Marche Thonglor, which had once disappeared, has made a triumphant return at the Marche Thonglor branch.

Hiyaku Bar & Restaurant has been spreading joy for seven years, initially starting at our Central World branch and then expanding to a location in Thonglor. Presently, Hiyaku manages two branches: one in Marche Thonglor, which relocated from Central World, and another in Esplanade Ratchada. Each branch caters to specific customer groups, with the Thonglor branch appealing to patrons who cherish exploring the Thonglor district. Notably, the primary customer base at this branch comprises loyal members from the LGBT community, for whom the ambiance is thoughtfully crafted. Nonetheless, the establishment warmly welcomes patrons of all genders and age groups.

Hiyaku ensures a place where happiness is promised for all. This fusion of Japanese restaurant and bar offers an enhanced and enjoyable Hiyaku experience. Whether it’s friends gathering for heartfelt conversations or simply relishing in our delightful offerings, which range from fine dining to cocktails, beers, wines, sake, and Japanese fusion cuisine, savor signature cocktails and relish the ambiance of a Tokyo-inspired setting. Delve into the allure of 9 unique cocktail creations that transport you to the heart of Japan. The atmosphere at Hiyaku is enriched with live music and DJ performances, showcasing a blend of international and K-pop tunes tailored to dance enthusiasts. Engage yourself in the captivating setting and partake in numerous additional entertaining activities.

Opening hours from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Located on the 5th floor at Marche Thonglor.

For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/Hiyakumarchethonglor/

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