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Bang Sue station nameplate in 33 M Baht dispute

Morning News Even though it is still awaiting the findings of the investigation from the pertinent agencies, the case for replacing the signboard at Bang Sue Central Station is still being pursued, costing 33 million Thai Baht. But the suspicion hinted at how uncommon this story was. Still, there is continuous movement. consisting of the council Which prolonged, vigorous washing for about an hour.

Khun Suthathip Phasuk enumerated the specifics. These stories are all in column number 7. During a House of Representatives meeting, the subject was raised. Verbal live questions were taken during the discussion.

The claim that the Bang Sue Grand Station signboard was quickly renamed With a construction cost of up to 33 million baht by the State Railway of Thailand, it serves as Bangkok Apiwat’s main station. Chance for innovative businesses Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited,

A joint venture Suing for damages in a dispute over extra work that was performed after the contractor was hired Mr. Sak Siam, the Minister of Transportation, will stand up to explain the necessity of using a specific procurement methodology as opposed to being open to bids first.

As for Unique, it is a sizable corporation that specializes in construction projects. And is one of the businesses that has gotten a lot of construction work from the government sector. Information indicates that between 2017 and 2022, U. NIC won government building projects.

Over 80,000 million Baht is the entire worth. Whether there will be a bid or not, there are additional considerations because it is a State Railway of Thailand project worth more than 50,000 million baht. The State Railway of Thailand recently moved out to respond.

By explaining on Facebook outlined and verified the 33 million baht project’s scope of work, emphasizing that it did not just involve the price of upgrading the letter nameplate. Using a certain procurement technique is one of the issues mentioned.

While society monitors the independent organizations’ auditing activities and the fact-finding committee set up by the Minister of Transportation before requesting an extension of time for investigation 15 days are allotted for completion. There is one more thing to keep in mind.

The label needs to be updated as a result. The Minister of Transportation asserted that he was following precedent. As a result, this description expresses a viewpoint. This was recognized afterwards by those outside the council, like historians, religious leaders, and cultural specialists who wrote on Facebook.

examples that show how this situation can differ from others due of Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Terminal There has never been an airport sign for Nong Ngu Hao. and require using the budget for renovation and demolition 

Another factor in this situation merits consideration. The administration of government organizations is what goes wrong and becomes redundant before it gets out of hand and becomes a problem. have a bearing on the federal budget However, taxpayers are the ones at fault.

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