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Boeing Test flights after 5 month hiatus

After a 5-month hiatus, the Boeing 777X prototype resumes test flights.

Last week, another test model of Boeing’s much anticipated 777X went to the skies after spending nearly six months on the ground. Since 2020, the 777-9 and three other prototype aircraft have flown test flights, despite considerable difficulties.

777X Taxi Test

Nearly a month had passed since the sister model, N779XW, resumed test flights following a two-month hiatus to address engine problems. Although Boeing anticipates beginning to deploy the planes to airlines in two years, certification-related roadblocks could delay deliveries.

Return of a further model to the sky

N779XX is the second 777X test model made, according to Aviacionline. On Friday, January 13, it took off from Seattle’s King County International Airport (BFI), also known as Boeing Field, joining N779XW in the certification procedure.

According to information from FlightAware, N779XX took off from BFI at 11:46 and flew for over two hours. The plane accelerated to 552 mph and a cruising height of 37,000 feet (mph). According to reports, it made two approaches, making a brief detour to Grant County International Airport (MWH) in Moses Lake, Washington, and then making its way back to BFI.

The flight was a preliminary test for the aircraft’s flight controls, as is common after extended periods of inactivity, according to a news sharer on Twitter. On August 14, 2022, the plane made its final flight.

Only two of the four test planes are currently flying.

N779XW, N779XX, N779XY, and N779XZ are the four pre-series versions of the 777X that Boeing created. Aviacionline reports that N779XY was put on the ground in July whereas N779XZ only made one flight in 2021 and never took off again. N779XW was grounded for two months before starting to fly again in December.

There are also rumors that the two surviving test planes will take flight once more this year. The news sharer claims that N779XY will begin test flights in April and N779XZ will resume test flights in July. Boeing has been contacted by Simple Flying for confirmation of this information.

There is no word on whether the fifth test 777X that the company supposedly has would be used to evaluate the aircraft’s interior and exterior. According to the news sharer, the objective of returning the four primary test aircraft is to obtain Type Inspection Authorization (TIA), which permits FAA experts to board and begin final certification. There are difficulties with a bigger engine.

The newest and largest aircraft engines in the world, the GE9X, are installed on the 777X. Test flights have been conducted as part of the certification procedure to check that the technology and engines are functioning properly and safely. The latest engine-related groundings have some airlines worried about the delivery schedule. Emirates, situated in Dubai, has been eagerly awaiting the new plane’s clearance because it only flies widebody aircraft. In order to sustain operations and capacity, the carrier is holding onto older, less effective Airbus A380s. Emirates CEO Tim Clark stated that the company does not anticipate receiving its first 777X until at least 2025.

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