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Businesses engulfed in flames

Cannabis advocacy groups have set a deadline for the government to justify its plan to reclassify cannabis as a narcotic. The Public Health Ministry must back its decision to fully or partially reclassify cannabis with scientific evidence, as demanded by pro-cannabis groups. The government has been given 15 days to substantiate its position.

The Srettha Thavisin administration’s push to strictly control cannabis as part of a wider anti-drug campaign has faced criticism from cannabis advocates, especially dispensary owners who supported the previous government’s move to decriminalize cannabis.

The uncertainty surrounding the government’s stance on cannabis classification has put a strain on cannabis enterprises in Thailand. The lack of clear regulations and social challenges stemming from cannabis misuse post-decriminalization have further complicated the situation.

Cannabis entrepreneurs are concerned about the policy flip-flop, which hinders their ability to plan for the future. The anticipation of cannabis being reclassified as a narcotic by the year’s end has left many in limbo, awaiting further clarity from the authorities.

The potential reclassification could have unequal impacts on various players in the cannabis industry. While retailers of cannabis products may face significant repercussions, growers and processing entrepreneurs could be less affected.

Businesses like Scan Inter (SCN) that operate in the cannabis sector are watching closely as the government deliberates on cannabis policy changes. The fate of cannabis shops, growers, and entrepreneurs hangs in the balance, impacting their future operations and expansion plans.

As Thailand navigates its evolving cannabis landscape, stakeholders across various sectors are urging the government to provide clear guidance and regulations to drive sustainable growth in the industry. The uncertain regulatory environment has put a strain on investments and business development in the cannabis sector.

While there is optimism around the potential of CBD products derived from cannabis, concerns persist about the economic and social ramifications of reclassifying cannabis. The debate over cannabis policy continues as stakeholders assess the potential gains and losses associated with the government’s proposed changes.

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