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Cutting-Edge Agricultural Solutions are Unveiled by FarmInno

Cutting-Edge Agricultural Solutions are Unveiled by FarmInno

Chia Tai Group, Thailand’s most innovative agricultural company, recently held the FarmInno (Thailand) Exclusive Press Trip 2023. Chia Tai Group is the pioneering agricultural technology business brand that has successfully established its brand and market presence across various regions in Thailand.

This invitation-only event, with the theme “Empowering Smart Agriculture through Innovative Solutions with FarmInno (Thailand),” provides a rare chance for members of the press and media to get a close-up look at how autonomous agricultural drones operate in Suphanburi Province and to immerse themselves in the cutting edge of smart agricultural technology. These encounters demonstrate Chia Tai’s steadfast dedication to leading the transition of Thai agriculture toward smart agriculture.

With a purpose to provide farmers with the necessary tools and information to successfully tackle present obstacles, FarmInno (Thailand) seeks to revolutionize the Thai agricultural sector through cutting-edge technology and knowledge. Press and media attendees learn more about the agricultural vision presented by Chia Tai executives throughout the event. Additionally, they get to learn firsthand about the experiences of smart farmers, drone pilots, and greenhouse farmers. The event also provides attendees with a hands-on opportunity to operate agricultural drones while showcasing the remarkable capabilities of these drones from leading industry players, XAG and DJI. Finally, a visit to the prosperous greenhouses of prosperous farmers who have adopted the farming solutions offered by FarmInno (Thailand) marks the end of this unique press trip.
According to Ms. Rata Suttimantanakul, General Manager of the Agricultural Technology Business, “Chia Tai Co., Ltd. managed FarmInno (Thailand) when it first launched as a brand just last year. Our main goal is to raise the bar for Thai agriculture, with a particular emphasis on accelerating the shift to smart agriculture. Our dedication lies in offering farming solutions that enable farmers to successfully address the various obstacles encountered in contemporary farming. For example, the urgent problem of climate change is currently facing us. Actually, the livelihoods of our fellow farmers are directly and negatively impacted by the erratic rainfall patterns.

The aging of Thailand’s population is another pressing issue that has resulted in a steady rise in the average age of Thai farmers and could endanger the country’s agricultural labor in the future. Chia Tai and FarmInno (Thailand) are therefore investigating methods of resolving these issues by incorporating digital solutions into agriculture. This includes implementing digital farming methods to increase the amount and quality of agricultural output. These initiatives support the development of FarmInno (Thailand) goods and services, which include smart agricultural greenhouses, high-performance agricultural drones, and agricultural community platforms. Taken as a whole, these innovations help to transform Thai agriculture into a more intelligent, practical, and highly effective system.
“FarmInno (Thailand) divides our products and services into two major categories to enhance smart agriculture,” said Mr. Thawin Inthakhan, General Manager, Commercial Department. Our cutting-edge, intelligent agricultural greenhouses are the first. We guarantee that farmers are well-prepared for their successful cultivation by providing a comprehensive range of equipment, including structural materials, along with a suite of services that include consultation, design, cost estimation, and the full construction and installation of the greenhouses. In addition, we offer invaluable knowledge on how to operate these greenhouses. Our flagship product, the second category, is our high-performance agricultural drones. These drones make it easier for people from all walks of life to get involved in agriculture by cutting down on labor-intensive tasks and improving accuracy. Our agricultural drones are easy to use and guarantee effective operations for users of all genders and experience levels. In essence, we are committed to offering more than just instruction on drone operation and maintenance; we also have a team of professionals that are committed to providing a variety of farming options. We have investigated and tested the application of plant protection goods and fertilizers in conjunction with drones, adjusting them for the best outcomes based on the particular plant species and growth stages. In addition, we’ll present a number of additional agricultural solutions the following year.

This special event is a great way to learn about smart agriculture and marks a critical milestone in Chia Tai and FarmInno (Thailand)’s unwavering commitment to transforming Thai agriculture into a sustainable and intelligent system. Please visit www.chiataigroup.com and www.facebook.com/FarmInnoThailand for updates on FarmInno (Thailand)’s agricultural activities as well as further information regarding agricultural technology.

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