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Digital Governance Thailand event opens 24th Feb at Mitrtown Hall

According to ETDA director Chaichana Mitrpant, the event, with the theme “Happiness Creation,” would display some samples of digital tools to enable Thais understand how living a digital life may contribute to happiness.

He emphasized that in order for participants to genuinely benefit from digital technology and advances, they might learn about digital literacy as well as digital hazards and dangers.

The Thailand 4.0 plan, which is driving the nation’s digitalization, allows for the holding of the event. According to the plan, as the private sector used digital technology to improve productivity at a reduced cost and consumers went digital to simplify their lives, the government would deliver seamless services to people and businesses.

In a video message delivered during the inaugural ceremony, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn stated that the ministry would be in charge of facilitating the adoption of digital technology as it became a more significant part of daily life.

According to him, this mission would boost the nation’s digital competitiveness in the international market as well as corporate efficiency.

“At this time, we want to finish our five-year strategic plan. The value of Thailand’s digital economy as a percentage of its GDP will rise to 30%, and the nation’s digital competitiveness will be ranked in the top 30 in the world, according to Chaiwut.

He claimed that Thailand’s infrastructure, internet network, strong investment in telecommunications, and quick adoption of digital technology are already its assets. To become a real digital nation, nevertheless, there are fundamental issues that must be handled.

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Enhancing digital services, particularly e-Government services like Digital ID and Face Verification Service, to help entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized firms, and startups will help Thailand overcome these problems and increase its digital competencies, he said.

Chaiwut anticipates that the two-day event would increase public belief in Thailand’s capacity to develop into a digital nation. This assurance will help people in the kingdom have more faith in using digital services.

His comments were made at a time when many people were worried about numerous online scam situations. The public is now calling on the government to take additional action to catch these crooks.

Chaiwut said that one way to stop online scams, which attendees of the event will observe, is through utilizing digital technologies on a well-equipped infrastructure.

According to Wisit Wisitsora-at, permanent secretary at the ministry, “DGT 2023: Happiness Creation” is also being organized to teach Thai people how to use digital technology responsibly to improve their quality of life.

Consumers must be technologically savvy, and service providers must manage transparently and use the highest level of security to win over customers.

He continued by saying that the ETDA is trying to put in place rules for digital platform services that would safeguard both customers and businesses while using digital services.

The public is welcome to attend “DGT2023: Happiness Creation” at Samyan Mitr Town Hall on February 24 and 25 for no cost. Staged, shown, and matched and trained are the three primary zones of the event.

Almost 4,000 guests are expected to attend the two-day event, according to ETDA executive director Chaichana.

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