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Government urged to subsidize the transport

transport bangkok one Feb 23 2024

During a forum attended by approximately 100 residents, the House committee on consumer protection, Thailand Consumers Council (TCC), and the Foundation for Consumers discussed the need for the government to consider subsidizing all modes of public transportation in Bangkok. The goal is to alleviate travel expenses for commuters within the city.

Residents of Bangkok and its neighboring suburbs expressed their dissatisfaction with the current public transport options, citing inconveniences. Bhuntin Noumjerm, a Move Forward Party MP for Bangkok and committee spokesman, highlighted the low quality of transport services in the city coupled with high fares. He emphasized the importance of extending subsidies to all forms of transportation, not just electric rail systems, which are currently predominant.

One of the key concerns raised was the lack of efficient and affordable transport options connecting residential areas to electric train stations. These insights will be collated and presented to the House of Representatives for future consideration when deliberating bills related to public transportation for communities.

Aphisit Mantri, the administrator of the Rotmaethai (Thai public buses) Facebook page, pointed out that a common challenge faced by commuters is the inadequate number of operating vehicles, particularly during nighttime, leading to long waiting periods. He also mentioned passenger grievances regarding confusing alterations to bus route numbering.

Khongsak Chuenkrailat, an assistant secretary to the TCC’s sub-committee on transport, stressed the importance of ensuring affordable fares for all commuters as part of improving public transportation services.

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