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Huawei cloud stack debuts in Thailand

Huawei Bangkok one Feb 23 2024

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently organized an event showcasing its Huawei Cloud Stack technology and its role in delivering secure and reliable cloud services to local data centers serving enterprise markets. The company’s steadfast commitment to this important technology is encapsulated in its motto “Huawei Cloud Stack: the preferred cloud for intelligent upgrade,” in line with its mission of “In Thailand, for Thailand,” dedicated to offering cutting-edge technological solutions to bolster Thailand’s transition into a future digital hub of ASEAN.

The Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event took place at the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai, Bangkok, themed “Huawei Cloud Stack: The Preferred Cloud for Intelligent Upgrade.” The event aimed to promote the broader application of Cloud technology in Thailand, recognizing its significance as essential IT infrastructure for numerous industries. Hybrid Cloud, in particular, has gained popularity among enterprises due to its benefits such as flexible deployment, cost-effectiveness, optimal integration of existing assets, and service innovation. Over 30 of Huawei’s local partners attended the event, uniting efforts to enhance Thailand’s Cloud ecosystem.

Mr. Victor Luo, Solution Architect Director of Huawei Cloud Thailand, addressed attendees at the Huawei Cloud TechDay Thailand 2024 event, emphasizing the growing demand for services like AI and big data in supporting various application innovations. Cloud computing plays a vital role in meeting the evolving needs of enterprises with its agile architecture. However, during peak business periods, limitations in single-form cloud resources can hinder real-time business operations. Huawei’s innovative Cloud Stack approach offers a solution by enabling synchronization with high-end services like databases, big data, and AI.

Positioned as a leader in technology, Huawei Cloud Stack leverages cloud and data innovations and integrates AI to drive continuous evolution in cloud services. Through this technological prowess, intelligence can be infused into data repositories, enhancing analysis efficiency by 30%. Enterprises can maximize data value through data and asset reutilization, with Huawei Cloud Stack supporting enterprise-grade container services fully compatible with open-source K8s. The platform provides a comprehensive AI environment for industrial-scale AI development, featuring diverse scenario-based AI algorithms and enabling full lifecycle management of AI development, deployment, and operation.

In terms of security and trustworthiness, Huawei Cloud Stack boasts a solid cloud-native foundation that facilitates effective disaster recovery without necessitating rearchitecting. Enterprises can safeguard and recover data and applications reliably, thanks to a comprehensive security architecture offering seven layers of protection and significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Huawei’s extensive industry experience has led to the consolidation of industry-specific solutions, enhancing cloud implementation and protection.

Huawei Cloud Stack has catered to over 5,200 government and enterprise customers across 150 countries, including e-government clouds, financial institutions, and Fortune Global 500 enterprises. In the Asia Pacific region, it has been successfully implemented in over 200 government and enterprise clouds, spanning government entities, financial institutions, carriers, and large enterprises.

As a leader in Cloud and AI, Huawei Cloud Stack is primed to support Thai enterprises in their digital endeavors, positioning Thailand as a prominent digital hub in the region. Backed by innovative AI technologies, industry expertise, and top-notch customer service, Huawei Cloud Stack stands ready to assist Thai businesses with over 80 professional services provided by local service teams. Huawei Cloud’s market leadership in hybrid cloud capabilities in the emerging Asia-Pacific region further underscores its commitment to Thailand’s Government and enterprises, driving high-quality growth by “Leading Everyone Forward and Leaving No One Behind.”

Past collaborations with Thailand’s Government Data Centre and Cloud Service, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand, Siriraj Hospital, and Thailand’s National Telecommunications Corporation underline Huawei Cloud’s dedication to enhancing digital initiatives and operational efficiency across various sectors in Thailand. Through ongoing investments in local cloud architecture ecosystems and infrastructure, Huawei continues to be the preferred choice for Thailand’s Government and businesses, offering intelligent upgrade solutions through its hybrid, public, and private cloud services.

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