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Highest-grossing Thai film in a decade is ‘Undertaker’

Highest-grossing Thai film in a decade is ‘Undertaker’

Major Group reported that “Undertaker” is the highest-grossing Thai film in a decade, earning over 600 million baht.
This is “Tai Baan: The Series”‘ sixth sequel.

Three weeks after its October 5 release, the film has become a hit. It grossed over 100 million baht in the first six days, 200 million in 11 days, and 500 million last week, becoming the highest-grossing film in eight years.

Major Group announced that the film has grossed over 600 million baht countrywide, making it the decade’s highest-grossing Thai film.

The picture remains strong in its fourth week in theaters.

Thiti Srinual, the director and screenwriter, sent a touching statement on his Facebook page thanking the cast, crew, and everyone involved. Thanks for getting me this far. Many thanks to the actors, crew, and everyone involved. He said, “Thank you very much.”

Even in power, the film’s success has made it a cultural sensation. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and National Soft Power Strategic Committee deputy chair Paetongtarn Shinawatra led the Cabinet to hire a movie theater to see “The Undertaker”.

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