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Korn finishes 11th in Songlah swim

The “Singora Lake Swim 2023” competition had its beginnings in Muang district’s Hub Ho Hin and its conclusion there in Singhanakhon district’s Songkhla Pier.

Because to Korn’s participation and his party’s social media promotions, this year’s competition saw an increase of swimmers from Thailand and beyond, from 30 to nearly 200.

Gun Nawakan, Prasit Rattanaphan, Pongsatorn Suwanraksa, and Juree Numkaew, the party’s four contenders for the Songkhla MP seat, were present to support Korn.

In the swimming event around Songkhla Lake, Korn finishes 11th.

In order to boost tourism in the province, Korn claimed he took part in the race for a second time. He suggested promoting Songkhla’s heritage and regional cuisine to entice more tourists.

In addition to raising money for the purchase of medical equipment for a hospital in Hua Khao tambon, the event, according to Korn, also aims to persuade people to avoid throwing trash into the lake in order to protect its environment.

In the swimming event around Songkhla Lake, Korn finishes 11th.

When asked if his party is well-liked in Songkhla, Korn responded that he thought the party’s four candidates will serve the needs of the city’s residents well.

If Chart Pattana Kla is permitted to make changes in the province, it will be up to the locals to decide, he said.

He added that every MP from his party is running a campaign against purchasing votes.

According to Korn, attendees have responded well to the party.

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