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New Boeing 737-800 Airline Initiated By Texel Air In New Zealand

The newest expansion of the Middle Eastern freight carrier will take place in New Zealand.

A sister airline for Bahrain-based Texel Air (XLR) will be established nearly 15,000 kilometers (9,300 miles) away in New Zealand. A freight airline called Texel Air was established in 2013 and started running scheduled flights in 2014.

The Middle Eastern branch now uses one Boeing 737-300F, two Boeing 737-800BCF, and two Boeing 737-700FC Flexi Combi as part of its fleet out of Bahrain International Airport (BAH), which serves as its main hub.

In order to form a strategic alliance to raise money for upcoming aircraft and an expansion of operations, Texel Air and Sierra Nevada Corporation, a company based in Sparks, Nevada, signed an MOU in November of last year.

The airline’s initial global expansion phase may begin in New Zealand. It is presently seeking seasoned pilots and mechanics to join its Auckland-based team. Its New Zealand operations are expected to use Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

activities in New Zealand

While the specifics of its New Zealand operation are unclear, the airline’s new LinkedIn page states: “Texel Air NZ is a brand-new cargo airline operating B737-800 aircraft between Australia and New Zealand, providing ACMI and Charter services to its clients using a world-class fleet of newly converted aircraft.”

The new airline is now hiring as follows, as noted on the Texel Air New Zealand website:


First Officers and Captains who are currently B737NG type rated.

Captain: A minimum of 5000 total hours, of which 1000 were spent in PIC roles.

First Officer: At least 2,000 total hours, with 1,000 on the type.


B1 and B2 engineers need to be 737NG approved.

Three years of certification on type B737CL/NG after having at least five years of type experience.

Minimum two years’ recent experience working on a B737 in a line maintenance setting

Consultancy and Asset Management in Aviation

The parent business of Texel Air, Chisholm Enterprises, is a leader in aviation consultation and asset management thanks to its expertise in aviation operations, logistics, and project management. maintaining aviation and logistics businesses with a focus on solutions, situated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with expertise going back to 2006.

Last year saw the delivery of the first Boeing 737-800BCF.

In response to the growing need for adaptable aircraft that can carry both passengers and cargo, as previously mentioned on Simple Flying, Texel Air acquired its first Boeing 737-800BCF last year.

As it sought to expand services in the midst of the ongoing increase in global cargo traffic, the firm was the first Middle Eastern carrier to implement the strategy.

The airline saw a significant increase in the demand for passenger-to-freighter conversions last year, particularly from companies with a growing presence in the express and e-commerce industries.

Formerly a passenger airplane, the Boeing 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter has been equipped to carry cargo. Boeing claims that the 737-800BCF can transport up to 23.9 tonnes (52,800 lbs) over a distance of 2,025 nautical miles.

It aims to assist in addressing the demand for 1,720 freighter conversions during the following 20 years. With a cargo door that measures 3.58 m x 2.18 m, or 141 x 86 inches, of course, a lot can be slid in.

Overall, 737-800BCF freighters use 20% less fuel than 737 Classic freighters. Like a new aircraft, it is also backed by Boeing, giving carriers like Texel the adaptability and support required to fulfill demand in the upcoming chapter.

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