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Russian reported losing money in hotel while on a first-time trip to Thailand!

I’m making my first trip to Thailand.

The Russian Federation reported losing money in an odd hotel while on a first-time trip to Thailand! When the tragedy happened, there were two victims who had the same nationality.

And also a tourist stealing incident occurred within the same hotel. The police at Muang Pattaya Police Station were called out in the middle of the night yesterday (January 8, 2023).

Two Russian vacationers alerted Ms. NATALINA CHERNOVA, a Russian national, that 4,000 dollars had disappeared from the currency. According to reports, the traveler kept $19,000 in a safety box in his hotel room. A $4,000 sum of money that was kept in the hotel’s safety box was gone when they returned from outside the building.

So they went to the police to report it and have them look into it. Mr. OLEG GIPKE, a Russian national, traveled to the police station to register himself as another victim.

Police Station in Pattaya City A hotel room’s safety deposit box contained that $1,000 in cash. Missing by the victim, who advised saving $5,000 in a safety box and taking an outdoor excursion. He discovered that $1,000 was vanished when he got back to the motel.

Police Station in Pattaya City Through an interpreter, Mr. OLGE admitted that he did not anticipate that the money in the safety box would be misplaced when visiting Thailand for the first time. Feel sorry for yourself and let the issue go.

However, the lost money incident reported to the police occurred simultaneously in both of these incidents on January 7 and 8, 2023, inside a renowned hotel in the Pratumnak Hill neighborhood.

After being informed, Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province It happened. To inspect the hotel and examine the CCTV, the Pattaya Police Station’s investigation team headed to the location. But the offender has not yet been identified.

These flaws could harm the tourism city’s reputation. No one comes in or goes out since the money’s property is kept in the Safety Box in the actual customer’s room. The cash may nevertheless go.

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