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Thailand’s cannabis industry threatened by legalization rollback

cannabis bangkok one Feb 12 2024

Thailand’s cannabis industry, which experienced growth following the decriminalization of cannabis, faces uncertainty as the government weighs potential re-regulation, potentially limiting recreational use. The proposed measures aim to confine cannabis usage mainly to medical and health-related purposes, marking a significant shift from previous legislation.

Since the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use in June 2022, the absence of specific cultivation and sale regulations has led to the emergence of a recreational cannabis industry. However, the government’s recent proposals seek to limit the plant’s usage for medical and health-related purposes, potentially impacting the thriving market that has developed.

As the first country in Southeast Asia to decriminalize cannabis in 2022, Thailand’s evolving stance on the plant has led to concerns and varied perspectives within the cannabis industry. While some express hope for continued operations under potential new regulations, others fear the potential loss of their businesses and the impact on livelihoods.

The government’s intention to reclassify cannabis as a medical product raises questions about the future of the industry, with some advocating for responsible access to cannabis and others expressing concerns about potential monopolization by large corporations.

Thailand’s unique position as an outlier in Asia in terms of cannabis decriminalization underscores the potential impacts of reclassification; it could lead to underground recreational use and affect the country’s growing cannabis industry.

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