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Wedding on hold due to Amphetamines

The wedding fell apart! A Myanmar couple was detained for selling methamphetamine in order to pay for a house and their wedding.

Myanmar couple detained by police Police were contacted for a motorbike rider who wasn’t wearing a helmet, but they were wary since the man’s clothes smelled meth. Expanding the search’s findings, 88,200 methamphetamine pills were discovered. The person confessed to selling them for 45 baht each in order to raise money for a wedding house, but the dream was dashed and he was forced to go to jail.

Pol. Col. Monsak Kaewon, Superintendent of Mae Sot Police Station, Tak Province, and Pol. Col. Monsak Kaewon worked together today (January 18, 2023) to monitor, prevent incidents, and ease traffic on the road behind Nakhon Mae Sot Fresh Market Mae Sot Municipality, Mae Sot District, Tak Province, but during that time, officials were present.

Unhelmeted motorcycle riding was observed by two young persons traveling at high speeds. The police were then summoned to pull over the vehicle and issue a ticket.

Mr. Win, a Myanmar driver, who was 18 years old, and Ms. So, a Myanmar woman who was 28 years old, were both in a relationship. However, as the police were writing a ticket, they noticed a meth-like fragrance on their clothing and noticed that both of them appeared suspect. Despite the cold, I was shaking and perspiring.

Then, the cops escorted him to the patrol room to look into anything. The two were then arrested so that the room in Mae Sot’s center could be searched. Methamphetamine fumes were evident outside the room as soon as the door was opened. 88,200 methamphetamine pills were discovered by the police when they searched the bedroom.

Some of the methamphetamine was damp and had been transported outside to dry. The patrol officers also discovered Cash and a bank book with multiple cash flows, so they conducted a thorough investigation before bringing the two couples to Mae Sot Police Station for further questioning.

According to the initial investigation, Mrs. Soe was four months pregnant and cried as she stated that she and his partner intended to work hard to save money for their future marriage and home construction. in order to cohabit as a couple This batch of methamphetamine was brought in a few days ago by an unidentified broker for a methamphetamine group to sell to himself.

He might make 45 baht per tablet by himself. Cover the box with the methamphetamine. Fresh fish makes up the froth on top. but below, securely compressed the ice to prevent police searches, packed a bag of methamphetamine inside, but failed to see the ice melting into the methamphetamine bag.

He was detained as a result of having to bring methamphetamine into the room to dry until the smell attached to his clothing.

The superintendent of Mae Sot Officers Station, Pol. Col. Monsak Kaew-on, stated that all police are currently under orders to perform strict, random inspections of automobiles. both day and night, and check suspects ready to assist clients in the Smart Safety Zone, which was successful in catching criminals. particularly the drug trafficking gang, which has always been Two alleged drug traffickers were recently arrested by the police so they could make money to build a house.

The couple was turned over to the Mae Sot Police Station detectives to continue the legal case when their love dream fell apart.

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